カナダとの高校生交流プログラム / 招聘事業に伴う日本文化講義について

この事業は日本経済再生に向け、また訪日外国人旅行者の増大およびクール ジャパン推進を目的として、中 高 大学生等を中心とする青少年の国際交流を行うプロジェクトであり、当連盟ではカナダからの高校生招聘200名、およびカナダへの日本人高校生派遣200名を本年度実施します。
その第一陣として、2013年5月8日(月)から、ブリティッシュ コロンビア州 バンクーバー市に所在するニューウェストミンスター高校 New West Minster Secondary School,Vancouver,British Columbia から、高校生23名と引率教員2名、計25名が来日いたしました。
反物 着物を通した日本文化紹介に関する講義として、生徒の皆さんにはペーパーを使用し、実際に浴衣を作って頂くというワークショップを実施しました。

My first Japanese culture lecture for the student exchange program was a great experience.

The National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan and Invitation Program of Canada conducted a high school student exchange program to enhance cultural exchange between the two countries.
The project commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, hopes to increase foreign students/visitors to Japan as well as, improve international cultural relations for high school and college-level students.
Additionally, the program promotes economic growth for cultural organizations in the international community.
This year’s exchange program included 200 students from Japan sent to Canada.
The culture exchange lecture was my first lecture to non-Japanese students.
The first group of students to arrive from Canada was from New West Minster Secondary School of Vancouver, British Colombia. The group consisted of 23 students and 2 faculty members.
I conducted a workshop on Japanese culture introducing the Kimono and Yukata to teach the students about Japanese history and social culture.

The students and staff enjoyed the lecture instructing them how to design and make a yukata out of paper “cloth”.
The lecture was a complete success!
The New West Minster High School students did a great job of making paper yukatas.
The 90-minute class was extended due to the positive response from the students for questions and photos after the class.
In the beginning, I was a bit nervous about the language barrier, however, by the end of the class everyone was having a lot of fun.
The lecture was much better than I expected. I could tell by the eager and happy faces of the students that they understood our focus of sharing “kimono culture with the world”.
Creating interest in traditional culture exchange contributes more to the dissemination of cultural knowledge than cash initiatives funded by the government.
Please click on this website video link to learn how to make a paper yukata!








Tradition Japanは薄れゆく古き良き日本の伝統、しきたりや風習を様々な角度と分野から表現し、守り続けて行く組織です。
これから更に加速する世界のグローバリゼーションを前提に、「祖国」というナショナリズムと誇りを必要とする考えがTradition Japanです。

What is the Tradition Japan
Tradition Japan is the organization which continues protecting Japanese tradition.
I am going to talk with famous people we will focus on "the Japanese beauty". We are looking for most importance of Japanese beauty every time.
I feel that we are losing our respect for cultural values and with the worldwide acceptance of globalization, I hope Japanese people should know our identity and remember Japanese tradition.